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Foreword by Graham Taylor

Graham Taylor

What a year 2012 was for sport in the UK!

Sport and in particular the Olympics in London managed to capture the imagination of the country and kept us on the edge of our seats throughout a wonderful celebration of everything good about sport.

We must capture those special moments and use them to help us harness the goodwill that sport has created to inspire the next generation of athletes and sports stars.

But perhaps most importantly we must create environments where everyone can take part in physical activity - whatever the level, age, size or background.

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a life working in sport from my playing days, which seem like a long time ago, through to coaching and management and now onto a broadcasting career but my ultimate passion for the game still remains.

The real triumph for these huge sporting events is their power to encourage more people to play, get involved and enjoy sport - whatever the discipline.

Grass roots sport is something that I passionately believe in and will endeavour to encourage more children and adults to take part in physical exercise.

Training techniques and the equipment required have changed dramatically from my days as a player and a manager.

Training of any kind needs to be fresh, vibrant, exciting and most of all enjoyable. With this fantastic range of training aids and equipment I have no doubt that people of all ages, sex or sporting ability will be able to make a difference to their lifestyle and attain better levels of natural fitness.

Whatever sport or activity you are involved in, from basketball to athletics, hockey to cricket, revolutionise your training with Precision and enjoy the benefi ts of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Precision gives amateur sportsmen, women and children the opportunity to train like the professionals - something that is vital to grass roots sport.

Enjoy whatever activity you are doing, stay active and most importantly just get involved!

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